Search Drives Adoption and Engagement

Christian Buckley

Christian is a 7-time Office Servers and Services MVP, internationally-recognized technology evangelist and collaboration expert, and the Founder & CEO of CollabTalk LLC, an independent research and technical marketing services firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • While there’s a lot in the article I agree with, I was not quite happy with how the post ended.
    “How do we get adoption to where we want it? Configure a fast, accurate, efficient search so your users can find what they’re looking for”
    I think Search is only a piece of the puzzle here, with e.g. content quality being another (and also being the one linked most closely to search). I’m sure that if I searched the large archives of Buckley Content I’d find some relevant article on that topic as well. And I also think that it might just be a small semantic issue with how your article ended (again, I think I’ve seen some other adoption&engagement content from you)

  • Admittedly, my closing may have been a bit hasty — but in context to an article on the importance of search, it’s not that I am wrong, but only that I swept past other important factors for adoption. Agreed. There are many different factors, of which search is a key ingredient. Because we’re talking here specifically about knowledge management and collaboration (SharePoint), search is a keystone to a successful deployment. You might have a well-constructed plan, training strategy, the latest technology, etc etc….but if people are unable to find their content (the RIGHT content, quickly) then the rest doesn’t matter, and they won’t adopt.