The Value of Working Like a Network

  • Your post made me go digging into some old slides I worked on back in 1996-1998 about knowledge management. The interesting thing to me is that these concepts of technology not being able to solve things fully without cultural change (and real effort!) are not new. The tech keeps improving, but without the incentives changing, executives “walking the walk”, rock solid information architecture, and fundamental changes to work styles, none of the tech matters.
    Next time I see you – if you want a good snooze – ask me to show you my old KM slides.

  • I’m thinking of examples from the same era, Marc. My first experiences with KM are from my telecom days in 95-96, and while the technology has changed the issues have largely remained the same. That’s the point: people overly-rely on the technology, and the cycle repeats itself. I suppose its part of what keeps the SI community thriving, as there is a constant need for clean up.