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CollabTakl TweetJam for January 2018

The Line Between Project Management and Collaboration Technology

Is there a line between Project Management tools and systems and your collaboration platforms? When I worked as a technical project manager in the 1990’s and grew into roles where I built out and managed project and portfolio management systems, these tools were often separate platforms, and outside of the...

Microsoft StaffHub

Getting to Know Microsoft StaffHub

What It Is: Having worked in the project and portfolio management space for the first decade of my career, I sometimes coordinated with field personnel on different projects. For example, back during my time with Pacific Bell, I worked with an internal marketing team on a project to expand our...

Extending PM capabilities with Tabs in Microsoft Teams

Extending Project Management with Tabs in Microsoft Teams

About 20 years ago, I started specializing in project and portfolio management solutions, and through full-time and consulting roles, rolled out a few project management organizations (PMOs) for established companies and startups. In fact, it was during this time that I became involved in the SharePoint space due to a...