Kickin’ It at Westlake

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While I’ve been over to the Westlake building on a number of occasions since my management chain is now located here, today was my first time in the touchdown space on the 3rd floor. Ok, first off, it’s freaking huge. And empty. Nobody knows about this place, apparently. I’m thinking a Microsoft team just needs to relocate here – just grab a corner, put in your personal stuff, and nobody will be the wiser. The place is massive, and absolutely empty. Someone needs to figure this out and reclaim the space for an actual team. I’m all for hoteling space in various locations, but this is ridiculous. Is anyone in Facilities aware?

Christian Buckley

Christian is a Microsoft Regional Director and Office Servers and Services MVP, the Founder & CEO of CollabTalk LLC, an independent research and technical marketing services firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and CMO of, a blockchain-based video technology company.