Post-April Foolishness

With my face down in some excellent books on things like social networking analysis and team development, I haven’t provided a personal update in quite some time. My wife hates that I add anything personal to these sites, but I figure this site is less intrusive than my Facebook profile. Besides, I have to satisfy my narcissistic tendencies somehow, right?

My running has taken a back seat to life in the past few days, but I hope to get back up to speed this weekend with a planned long run on Saturday on the Snoqualmie River trail through Carnation. It’s an amazing run that I enter downtown, usually winding 7 or 8 miles southward toward Fall City, and, eventually, North Bend. The trail just goes up and up, over a couple bodies of water, through some beautiful scenery of the hillside and the valley. I love that run, although I have this fear of mountain lion attacks, what with me running deaf with the music blaring. Good times. I’m prepping for the Wenatchee half-marathon on April 18th, and then will be running in the Seattle Rock-n-Roll full-marathon in late June. I’m psyched. I need to develop calves of steel.

That’s about all I wanted to share. Oh, and that I’m working on yet another prank here at work: we’re covering one of my team’s desks with aluminum foil. Every square inch, in fact. Every small object, pen, card holder – everything – individually in aluminum foil. And then we’re bringing in a couple of strobe lights. If it doesn’t send him into a seizure, it should be funny. And really obnoxious. I’ll be sure to add photos to the BlueBadgeMojo site this weekend.

Christian Buckley

Christian is a Microsoft Regional Director and Office Servers and Services MVP, the Founder & CEO of CollabTalk LLC, an independent research and technical marketing services firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and CMO of, a blockchain-based video technology company.