What is the best folder structure for Teams and SharePoint? #M365AMA

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“How do you deal with folders which could belong to one site but are used by other departments which don’t have access to that site? For example, each department has their own private site, but needs access to a finance folder (owned by finance) to submit receipts etc. I don’t know if it is best to keep these department folders in the finance site, make a finance folder on each department’s site, or have a finance folder in the all company intranet. What do you suggest that works best? It needs to be somewhere where Finance can access all of the folders easily, where departments can find them easily, and where permissions are restricted to each department.”

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  • This is why architecture is so important….PLAN, PLAN, PLAN
  • Many options with this one but it depends. Will all users be able to upload receipts to it? If yes, Intranet has that access (may need some tweaks on the library), then you can add a link to that library in the Finance site so they can get them easily. You can also utilize audience targetting on the Intranet if not all users need access.

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