Why do guests have different search results than employees? #M365AMA

In this episode, the #M365AMA panel discusses the following community question:

“My organization has many guest users. I have just run across that their search results are not the same as mine (owner/admin). Guests are not seeing “all” or “files”. Is there a way they can see the file search results? Permissions?? It’s important that guests get to search and find files too. Thank you!”

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  • The first thing to consider is the source permissions, and whether these users truly have access to this content.
  • Second, are sensitivity labels in place?
  • Third, is Azure Information Protection enabled?
  • Fourth, was the content moved/migrated from a site with stronger protections in place that could still be in place?
  • The combination of these things could result in users with Full access to this content through the document library, but not having the ability to find/see them through Search [https://sharepoint.stackexchange.com/questions/287818/sharepoint- online-random-search-results-missing-for-external-users]
  • Per Sean, some of this also depends on the policies that are configured within your organization on what you want external users to be able to see and do.

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